New Years Resolution Challenge

Get More Active, Lose Weight and WIN!

Put your new years resolutions into action by joining our New Years Resolution Challenge! Get motivated, get more active, lose weight and work towards a goal. This challenge is about YOUR dedication! Points are done over a period of 3 or 5 months.


Xtyle Fitness’ New Years Resolution Challenge has been designed in such a way that our company motivates YOU to reach YOUR GOAL. Our challenge works as follows:


  1. Initial Sign Up and Questionnaire;

– Enter and do your payment online. We will then contact you with a questionnaire for your personalised eating plan. We also send you a weight and measurement chart that you have to submit to us on a fortnightly basis so that we can make sure your eating plan is working or if we should make some adjustments.


  1. We add you to our motivational WhatsApp group;

We have a whatsapp group specifically for this challenge where we will be posing motivational messages each day. you will also be required to take a screen shot of your physical activity each day and post it on that group. your points are made up of how dedicated you are to do some sort of physical activity or get your 10000 steps in each day.

  1. Come to our Mall Walks each Sunday Morning;

We have Mall Walks each Sunday morning at different malls around South Africa. This will help you get your step count in and you will also receive all benefits of being a mall walk member… please see for details or to see if there is a mall walk in your area.


  1. Prize Giving;

Prizes will be awarded to the to 3 entrants who successfully complete the 3 months or the 5 month challenges. ALL entrants who successfully complete the challenges will receive a certificate from our company.

More Information

This challenge is purely about DEDICATION! The point system will work as follows:

Each day you will receive points for the amount of steps you did or exercise you did (1 point = every 1000 steps, 1 point = every 30min of other types of moderate activity, 1 point = every 15 minutes of other types of strenuous activity)

Prizes include:

  • Nutrition Courses worth up to R8000
  • Hampers
  • Other prizes may be added


  1. Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  2. No entry will be accepted without a complete entry form and full payment.
  3. Prizes will be as advertised, more prizes may be added
  4. Competition entry deadline 31 January 2020
  5. Challenge end dates: 30 April 2020 (3 month) and 30 June 2020 (5 month)
  6. Top 6 participants of each challenge’s names will be placed on our website with a photo of the winner
  7. Xtyle Fitness reserves the right to change or substitute any of the prizes due to sponsors withdrawing from the competition. Prizes may also be added.
  8. All successful competition entrants will receive a certificate on completion of their challenge.
  9. No refunds will be given.