Athletes MUST be at the venue AT LEAST 30minutes before the start time of their session. The IFBB as well as XFE Group or any of its directors, officials or affiliates will NOT be held responsible if an athlete misses his or her division. All judging is done LIVE.

Please Note that these are only preliminary session indications. Although, these are not final, they will not differ much from this schedule. Final sessions and session times will only be announced at the registration on the evening before the show.

All spectators have to stay for the duration of the session. Spectators and athletes will be rotated according to session times. All show protocols will strictly adhere to COVID rules, regulations and restrictions.

Session 1 (9am to 10am)

  • Junior Bodybuilding
  • Senior Bodybuilding U70kg
  • Senior Bodybuilding U80kg

Session 2 (10:30am to 11:30am)

  • Masters Over 40yrs
  • Bikini Fitness Over 35yrs
  • Fit Model

Session 3 (12pm to 1pm)

  • Women’s Wellness Fitness
  • Bodybuilding U90kg
  • Beach Bikini U1.63m

Session 4 (1:30pm to 2:30pm)

  • Ladies Body Fitness
  • Beach Bikini Over 1.63m
  • Athletic Physique Over 35years

Session 5 (3pm to 4:30pm)

  • Classic Physique
  • Classic Bodybuilding
  • Athletic Physique Under 1.78m

Session 6 (5pm to 6pm)

  • Muscular Athletic Physique
  • Bodybuilding U100kg
  • Bikini Fitness U1.66m

Session 7 (6:30pm to 7:30pm)

  • Bikini Fitness Over 1.66m
  • Athletic Physique Over 1.78m
  • Bodybuilding Over 100kg
  • Bodybuilding Overall